If you want to sell with tenants, Scotland and other countries have some laws to regulate all parties’ rights. Especially with tenanted properties, the selling process gets even more complicated.

Section 24 of the Landlord and Tenants Act says the landlord can’t deduct any finance costs and mortgage interests from rental income before tax. Many landlords, therefore, become eager to sell.

In their effort to take a more substantial initiative against slumlords and improve private renting, the government has introduced stricter regulations. Strict licensing and the need for electrical certifications mean landlords now have a significantly lower profit margin and higher costs.

There are other various reasons, like the COVID-19 aftermath and ESW1 issues, that have pushed more landlords to consider selling.

Regardless of why you want to sell, at sell house fast, we’ll make it happen and make sure you get paid on time.


Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

Selling a buy-to-let property

We understand that selling tenanted properties can be a complicated issue. There are terms within rental contracts that need to be respected. These things might not be problematic if you have a great relationship with your tenants. However, that is often not the case.

An assured shorthold tenancy offers tenants ‘Quiet Enjoyment’ rights. The tenants have the right to live at the property undisturbed unless it’s explicitly stated in the terms of the contract.

For a traditional property sale, interested parties want to view the property before making an offer. This might be especially difficult for tenanted properties. But when you work with us, we don’t require viewings before making an offer.

Similarly, in many cases, owners feel the need to refurbish their properties to sell. This again violates the ‘Quiet Enjoyment’ rights. Lucky for you, we buy homes in any condition!

Traditional buyers will buy the property for their personal use. You’ll likely have to terminate your rental agreement, which is another hassle. But we offer guaranteed sales of tenanted properties, meaning you’re not required to terminate your rental agreement.

As a landlord, you might be forced to sell your property solely because your tenants are giving you a tough time. They might be unreasonable, refuse to let prospective buyers in, or cause property damage.

All these issues make it a headache to sell properties by yourself. It will also delay your selling plans. If you decide to sell your property to us, you don’t have to worry about these things. Through us, you can sell any property, even tenanted.

Plus, it doesn’t matter how the tenants are; we’ll take care of it!

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Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.