Legal and Financial Aspects

Can You Halt a Repossession Order?

Facing the possibility of a repossession order can be an overwhelming experience. Yet, are you aware that you might still hold the power to halt such proceedings in Scotland?…

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how much are conveyancing costs for buyers and sellers

How much are conveyancing costs for buyers?

As you navigate the threshold of buying a property in Scotland, understanding conveyancing fees is crucial to managing your finances effectively. Let’s demystify what these fees…

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How many years accounts for a mortgage

How many years accounts for a mortgage?

Navigating the complexities of securing a mortgage can be particularly challenging when you're self-employed; understanding the intricacies of lenders' criteria is crucial. If…

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how much deposit do I need to buy my first property

How much deposit for first property purchase?

Setting foot on the property ladder is a significant milestone, and one of the first hurdles you'll face is understanding the deposit required for your initial purchase. Are you…

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How to avoid early repayment charges

How to avoid early repayment charges: Can you?

Facing the daunting spectre of early repayment charges on your mortgage or loan can be a costly stumbling block when considering paying off your debt early. Are you equipped with…

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Selling House with Restriction

Selling House with Restriction: How Hard?

Facing the challenge of selling a house with restrictions in Scotland might seem daunting, but is it actually as hard as you think? With common hurdles like restrictive covenants…

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how to borrow against your house

Can You Borrow Against Your House?

Are you contemplating using your home as financial leverage? Understanding how to borrow against your house could unlock potential funds tied up in your property. This…

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Remortgage Buy Second Home

Can Remortgage Buy Second Home? Know How

Are you mulling over the idea to remortgage to buy a second property? Whether you're eyeing investment opportunities or dreaming of a holiday retreat, understanding how to…

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95% Mortgage

95% Mortgage: Can You Afford One?

Navigating the prospect of homeownership can be daunting, especially when considering the financial commitment of a 95% mortgage. Are you contemplating whether such a high…

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Tax on Selling House

Is Tax on Selling House Due After a Sale?

Are you aware of the tax implications that follow the sale of your property in the UK? Selling a house isn't just about handing over the keys; it's crucial to understand your tax…

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